Keep your dog safe and happy this Christmas

Keep your dog safe and happy this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, the trees are going up, the presents are being wrapped, the food preparations are beginning. At such a busy time of year sometimes it is easy to forget the hidden dangers for our four legged friends and the stress it can cause them.

Without sounding a party pooper here are some tips to keeping your dogs sate this Christmas

  1. 1. Festive Foods - Avoid leaving food anywhere in your pet's reach - you can't blame them if it's left unattended! Many foods we love at Christmas time can make pets unwell, even turkey bones can become stuck in their throat if swallowed. It is not just your meals you need to be watchful of but gifts also - Selection boxes left and boxes of chocolates left as other presents are unwrapped perfect for the opportunist! Click here for a link to dangerous foods
  2. Christmas trees - Having a real pine tree in the house is one of the joys of the festive season, but remember the oils in fir trees can be mildly toxic, causing stomach upsets, and the needles themselves can get stuck in your pet's paws or throat. Regularly sweep up needles and close the door of the tree room when you go out, to avoid any accidents
  3. Decorations  - Baubles, tinsel and decorations hanging from the tree look amazing but be careful, tree decorations can be dangerous: chocolate is harmful to pets and anything knocked off the tree can be swallowed by our inquisitive friends, and broken ornaments can get stuck in paws.
  4. Christmas Plants - Poinsettias, mistletoe and holly are Christmas favourites, bringing lots of festive cheer and colour into the home. However they are dangerous for pets; with varying levels of toxicity, the side effects depend on how much of the plant is consumed. Keep out of reach to avoid any tummy troubles
  5. Wrapping - Clean up wrapping paper quickly after presents have been opened. If chewed, wrapping paper and ribbons can prove dangerous for a pet’s intestines.
  6. Fire safety - A crackling fire is loved by all on a cold winter's day. But be careful if you have an open fireplace - your pet may not be used to it and may try to investigate too closely. Place any festive candles out of reach too, to avoid accidents.
  7. Guests - Christmas time often means a busy home with friends and family, Remember that new faces and more noise can be scary for your pet, so it's a good idea to provide them with a safe room so they can escape and be put at ease if it all becomes too much. Even the most social dogs need a break sometimes. It may also help to play music or leave the TV on to mask the chatter of visitors.
  8. Holiday blues - With so many parties and Christmas shopping to be done, don't leave your pet for too long - our furry friends deserve the love and a share of the festive fun as much as we do. Spend time with them this winter.It's also important to maintain your pet's normal routines, especially with feeding and exercise, to avoid them becoming too unsettled.

Most importantly don’t forget to give your pet a special Christmas treat! Visit for amazing gift ideas.

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