Does my dog need a life jacket

Does my dog need a life jacket

Laura Meudell
This year many of us will be "staycationing" with our dogs and with the UK becoming more and more dog friendly we have many opportunities for ours dogs to join in in our favourite pastimes. If you are adventuring further than a paddle in the sea and going swimming, kayaking, water skiing, or sailing off into the deep blue ocean with your dog, your furry friend will benefit from a life Jacket.

Even if your canine is a pro swimmer, they will get worn out trying to paddle back to you against the fast-flowing water and even on a boat they could potentially fall overboard.

Things to think about before you think this is just another fad! A dog in a life jacket who would think it!
  1. Contrary to many believes dogs aren’t born swimmers. They need to learn and practice. At that stage, they will need a little assistance from a life jacket to stay afloat.
  2. Not all dogs can if this is the case if you wish them to join the boat trip then a life vest is a must, accidents can happen.
  3. Swimming in the sea, lakes, and rivers can be dangerous. Your canine can get exhausted pretty quickly as they need to paddle harder against powerful, channeled currents to reach their destination.

A dog life jacket can help them stay buoyant and keep their heads above the surface when they get tired, ultimately protecting them from drowning.

Dog Life jackets

The Ruffwear Float Jacket

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Designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes, it's a premium, fully-featured life jacket that includes thoughtful details like a strong handle optimally positioned to lift dogs out of the water, a lead clip-in point under the handle, and reflective trim to boost visibility in low-light conditions.


  • Strong, low-profile handle is optimally positioned to help dogs out of water
  • Telescoping neck closure adjusts for a range of dog sizes and is permanently attached and secure
  • Strategically placed foam panels support a natural swimming position
  • PVC-free Gaia™ foam for a soft, comfortable fit
  • Easy-to-clip, sheltered buckles keep straps firmly in place over time
  • Water-compatible webbing remains stable in wet environments
  • Tonal reflective accents for visibility in low-light conditions and light loop for attaching The Beacon™